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Dorothy Must Die-Book Review

15 Dec


I was given a sample of this book by a friend who picked it up at a library event.  It’s no secret that I love all things even remotely related to The Wizard of Oz (It’s a slight obsession)  So I was excited to find yet another viewpoint on the classic story that I could dive into and explore.  (The book is meant for young adults.  I admit I was slightly embarrassed to have to seek my selection out in the teen section, but oh well.)

The sample got me hooked and I had to read the book.  Looking back, I am very thankful that I checked it out from our local library and didn’t purchase it.

I think I initially connected with the main character, Amy Gumm, because of her tumultuous relationship with her mother that was largely due to her mother’s issues with substance abuse.  As I read on, I was able to visualize myself in place of the main character as she traveled to Oz and found it in a quite different form than what you or I would ever picture.  Dorothy and Glnda are bad and the witches are good.  But Good, even though it’s bad, is still called good, and wicked, even though it’s good, is still called wicked.  It’s a little confusing, but not to hard to weed through.  The Tin man, Lion, and scarecrow have all become monsters, and so the story goes that Amy joins the Order of the Wicked to stop them, etc etc.

The story progresses as Amy prepares for her mission, which, I’m sure you can guess, is to kill Dorothy.  There is so much buildup to the moment that she has the opportunity, with unnecessary side stories that take away from the main plot, and random moments that are left unanswered, leaving the reader to try and figure out the purpose of it.  At the very end, there are so many things that take place, it leaves you with a feeling of “Huh?”  Cryptic words from the wizard and SURPRISE! Here’s Ozma! and then BAM Amy kills the tin man, then BAM Glinda wants the heart (Huh?  This made NO sense) Then The end.

So I read this 464 page book building up to Dorthy being killed….and it doesn’t happen.  I can tell that the reader intends on writing a second book in the story, which has been announced to come out in 2015.  titled The Wicked Will Rise.  It’s like it was time for dinner so the author had to hurry up and finish the book.  Very disappointing.


Things to learn from Dorothy

16 Jul

Some things to learn from Dorothy:
🌈Stick by friends that stick by you
🌈stick up for those who are being treated unfairly
🌈You can be lost and still be a leader
🌈there’s no shame in asking for help
🌈Real friends protect you from the witches
🌈Someone will always be green with envy. Especially if you have great shoes.
🌈Just accept that you’ll get blame/credit for things you didn’t even do, depending on the intentions of the party doing the blaming/crediting
🌈it’s okay to want to go home, even if it’s less colorful than where you are
🌈You’re capable of more than you know
🌈People often pretend to be something they are not

Feel free to comment with more 🙂

I’m sure I could think of more 🙂