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Reese’s Spread

16 Jan

I was sent a container of Reese’s spread to review from Influenster and Reese’s.


My first intentions were to try out-of-the-box ideas that I normally would use a sweet spread on.  Like a dip for crackers or pretzels.  However, when I decided to start my review, both my pretzel box and my cracker box were put away empty.  Such is the life of a mother of chronic snackers.

So I rummaged around to see what I could use.  Peanut butter cookie dough…..okay.

image (1)

Bacon.  Perfect.


First I baked the cookies and let them cool.  (I may or may not have tried an amazeballs combination of raw cookie dough and Reese’s spread, there is no proof)


Then I added a drop of Reese’s on top of each cookie.


I tried a little spread on a piece of bacon, which was actually pretty good.  Even the 4 year old liked it.

resses spread

Then, genius struck, and I put the bacon on TOP of the Reese’s spread on TOP of the peanut butter cookie.


My first experience pairing bacon with sweet was a maple bacon doughnut that I liked more than I should have, and this reminded me a lot of that.  It was good.  Both boys liked it too, which says something, because the 9 year old is very picky.

I give Reese’s spread a big two thumbs up.  How would you use it creatively?

I received the Reese’s spread free from Influenster and Reese’svoxbox-blogimage-popup2


Crawfish Cookies

7 May

So I found a really cute idea for cookies here: http://www.livinglocurto.com/2013/04/crawfish-cakes/#sthash.0YkUMMLg.35gKtYP2.dpbs

And decided to blog my recreation.  My son’s mascot is the mudbug, which, if you didn’t already know, is a crawfish, and basically a staple of living in Louisiana.  So for teacher appreciation, I whipped up some of these puppies to leave in the teacher’s lounge.




My store does not carry lady fingers, so this is the closest I could find:




I found the other ingredients, though:


Candy eyes (found at Wal-Mart)

Canned Icing



Open the finger cookie.


Dot red icing as shown


Cut a Twizzler into 4 even pieces


Cut the end of the Twizzler into claws, and stick onto the dotted icing


Squiggle some of the icing onto the cookie


And replace the top of the cookie


Squiggle Icing onto the top of the cookie, add candy eyes, and Voila!!!  Crawdaddy cakes!

IMG_0060Things I noticed:

The red Icing stains your fingers, but I think that’s unavoidable

Try to earnestly find lady fingers, because I don’t think that the “Vienna fingers” worked as well as the lady fingers would have