My Advocare


To read about the first 24 Days of my Advocare journey, click here

When I ordered my 24 Day challenge, I also signed up to be a distributor.  I honestly signed up for the discount, and not knowing how it’d turn out, didn’t advertise to many people that I actually was a distributor.

On about day 10 I told a few people, and the longer I used the products, the more people I told.  As I write this I am still on my challenge, and have ordered additional products as well.  I am in love.

I am in love with the way I feel, and in love with the ease of this lifestyle.  I went from feeling like a bucket of muck to having energy to play with my boys morning, noon, and night.  My hair and skin looks better.  I don’t wake up hurting and achy like a woman beyond my years.

If you are interested in checking out my site and the products that I use.

If there’s something you have a question about, ask!  I will be here to help my customers day and night, just like my amazing sponsor has been for me.

 (To see what products I’m continuing to use, click here)


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