Garden your life

30 Sep


If you go outside and look into your garden, you will see a variety of things, and all can be compared to the way we live our life.

To become a beautiful flower, and to have beautiful flowers, you have to pull the weeds.  Not all flowers are strong enough to survive being choked out by weeds, especially if they get big enough roots.  So get rid of anything that isn’t bringing beauty to your garden, and try not to let it get too rooted in there.

Flowers need water.  So water yourself with things that bring you joy in life.  Sometimes the water comes from the rain, and that’s okay, too.

Gardens are full of dirt, but the flowers grow out of it.  Just put some mulch on top of it.  All gardens have dirt, but it’s not what makes them attractive, and what your dirt looks like is nobody’s business but your own 🙂

Sometimes you’ll get a snake in your garden, too.  But unlike weeds, snakes have no roots and will leave your garden just as fast as they came into it.  Just watch out and don’t let them nest.

Some flowers…like my rose bush…..can grow very tall.  But without the garden stake to support it, it’d bend and break.  It doesn’t make my roses less beautiful just because some of the blossoms need help to stand tall.


So there’s my garden wisdom.  Hope you enjoy 🙂



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