Apple Issues

27 Apr

So I woke up late the other day, my alarm didn’t go off for some reason.  Then the next day I woke up and my phone said it was 1:45.  No. Fricken. Way.  I flew out of bed.  What the heck is wrong with me, sleeping in so late!?  And why hasn’t the garbage run yet, and why are my kids still sleeping!?

I brush my teeth and go downstairs.  Wake up.  Look at my oven.  uh 7am.  *facepalm*

I turn my phone off and back on.  Time corrected.  Okay.  Weird.

A few hours later it had the wrong time again.  WHAT THE !@#$%

So I look at apple forums to see if this is happening to anyone else anywhere in the world.

YEP!!!  But all Verizon users it seems.  Not applicable to me.  Soooooo.  Oh wait a minute!  Why am I not connected to my WiFi?

Why won’t my phone allow me to connect to WiFi?  Siri?  Anyone?

Maybe if I restore it.

So I did a restore as new device.  Still nothing.

I logged into Apple chat.  They deduced it was a hardware issue and made me an appointment at the local apple store.

So I load up my things (children) and drive to the mall.  find the apple store, where I’m directed to “the person with the green ipad”

Green ipad lady checks me in.  directs me to sit at a table until its my turn.  Okay.  That’s fun with two kids.  Whatevs.

Then a guy comes and looks at my phone, I tell him whats up, and he says okay, they’ll call you to the desk when they’re ready for you.

This is such a weird customer service process.

I get called to the desk.  And they basically shove this other lady aside that was in front of me.  Which I’d have cared more about if I didn’t have my things with me.  (children)  So I reiterate what’s up to the desk lady.  She gives me a new phone.


The end.


P.S.  apparently lots of 5s phones are having this stuff go on and Apple has no idea why.


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