20 Things I took with me from the Restaurant

27 Apr

#1 15 knives.   Haha, just kidding.

I was grocery shopping the other day and spazzed out that my raw chicken was on top of my pack of hamburger.  After a strange look from a friend, I realized that there’s some things I know about food (and apparently health) that not everyone knows.

BTW don’t put chicken on top of beef, for the love of God.

Things that make my skin crawl and seem to go against my very being, others are oblivious to; and also things I’ve learned that I never learned about cooking from my Mom or Nana.

  1. The hierarchy in which food should be stored ~>  http://www.cortlandasc.com/cmsresources/Refrigerator2.jpg
  2. The chart of doneness (not an official name) When I cook, I always take the temperature of my chicken or meat to tell the doneness (by sticking the thermometer into the meatiest part).  165?  Good to go buddy!
  3. What a ramekin is
  4. How to cook ribs (Cut the membrane, dummy!)
  5. Don’t scoop ice with your glass.  Trust me.
  6. The ability to see through people’s bs excuses
  7. If you submerge noodles in an ice bath, they stop cooking and don’t become mushy
  8. If you add oil to noodles, it adds a buttload of calories o_O
  9. Just because it’s a salad does not mean that it’s healthy.  At…..All…….
  10. Cooks don’t like to, but if they have the ingredients, they can make pretty much anything you ask for. You have options!!!
  11. If you grill a chicken breast, start with the smooth side down.
  12. Fresh oil in a fryer makes the fried food taste way better.
  13. How to efficiently break down a box.
  14. How to clean a grill.
  15. How to maintain and operate a grill
  16. Things are generally colder in the top back left of a cooler of freezer.  (handy info for impending power outages!)
  17. That ugly concrete layer underneath the brick of your home or building actually prevents insects, so don’t pile mulch up around it.
  18. Frying wings from raw status taste way better than blanching, cooling and then refrying.  (15 minutes for raw, btw)
  19. How to tell if meat is bad, or potentially freezer burnt or packaged improperly
  20. How to make a batter

There’s probably way more, but off the top of my head, these are tops.



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