Advocare 24 day challenge

23 Apr

Ever heard of Advocare?  I learned of it last year.  It’s a company started in 1993 dedicated to wellness.  They have different 24-day challenges depending on your goal.  I decided to do this mostly for the cleanse.  I have been feeling a lot like crap lately, just generally unhealthy.  I am always tired and generally unmotivated to do anything.  I have a few friends that use Advocare religiously and love the way they feel (and look).  So here we go!

Starting day: Day 1: 195.6 lbs

I started the cleanse phase today.  I’m using the Watermelon flavored Spark (sorta an energy drink that comes with the challenge)


The citrus fiber drink is pretty gross to drink because it has “texture” but oh well.  It’s no worse than taking a shot of tequila, which I can usually handle, although I despise it.

For breakfast I had a hard boiled egg (protein) and a half a can of canned grapefruit (fruit)  I didn’t have any acceptable complex carbs in my house so I couldn’t do that part.  (note to self-go shopping)

For lunch I had some baby carrots, a hard-boiled egg and some potato salad (dairy free) Note to self: go shopping


For my snack I had an additional hard boiled egg.  Hey, it’s the day after Easter, and I have 2 dozen of these little suckers.

So I went shopping.  I hope my family is in for this nutritious ride at dinner time!!!


Dinner was 2 Omegaplex capsules, baked chicken breasts with seasoning, on top of roasted potatoes and onions.  It was really really good even though the kids didn’t care too much for the onions.

took my cleanse pills before bed

Aaaaaaannnnndddd Scene.


I woke up in the middle of the night (well, it was 11:45)  sweating.  This is something that’s been common for me lately and one of the reasons I’ve made the choice to be healthier.  I am 28 years old and the amount of personal summers I have, you’d think I was menopausal.

Went back to sleep

8_hours_laterUP UP UP!!!

Day 2:

Down my spark, chug my fiber beverage

30 minutes………………………….

Breakfast: Almond Oatmeal, and a banana

Snack: cucumber with hummus

Insert Spark

Lunch: spring mix salad with cut up 1/2 breast of leftover chicken, and chickpeas.  Balsamic dressing (25 cal/tbsp)

Drink water

Here, I had to venture to the Apple store to get my iPhone replaced due to a hardware error.  My first time being tempted by outside food.  I got the boys smoothies.  I passed up SBarro’s, Chik-fil-a, Cane’s, Subway, multiple coffee places with delicious blended beverages, taco bell, etc.  But I did it!

Dinner: Chicken Stir-Fry + omegaplex

Snack: 1 cup vanilla almond milk It’s strange how incredibly sweet the vanilla almond milk tasted.  It used to taste bland and watered down.  Just 2 days without dairy and sugar.  Interesting road I’m going down here. 

Cleansing pills….and goodnight.

Day 3:

192.8 lbs


Fiber Drink *gag*

Breakfast:  One piece of whole wheat toast with stone ground mustard and a sliced hard-boiled egg.  And grapefruit.  I had hoped for a banana but alas, the SIX I bought two days ago have been devoured by my children. 

hard boiled egg isolated on white


Snack: Cucumbers and hummus

Lunch:  Spaghetti I could’ve done better on this one, especially since I didn’t use my wheat noodles.  But it was sans cheese, and I needed to either eat it our throw it away bc it was taking up too much room in my fridge.  

Snack: Some leftover stir fry

Omegaplex & Dinner: Ground turkey patties (baked) with roasted green peppers and onions , whole grain rice, hummus and some shredded mozz cheese.

Snack: a small amount of dinner leftovers

Cleansing pills and  Voila!  Done with Day 4.


I decided I’m not going to list every single thing I ate from this point forward bc you get the idea.

Some things I’ve noticed:

~my chronic shoulder pain is gone

~I don’t get that 3 o’clock slump

~my house is cleaner  bc I have more energy, and I’ve been able to focus better

~I wake up early without feeling tired or dreading getting up.

I’m not claiming that things types of things will happen for everyone, but these are things I’ve noticed about my own personal journey on this challenge.

Day 5:

I’m down to 191.4 lbs  Like I said….if the weight loss comes, I will take it!!!

Day 6:

Spark/probiotic restore/breakfast Check!

Scarfed down a snack before hubby and I headed to the mall to get our apple screens repaired.

AT THE MALL TOO LONG!!!!!  IT’S TIME FOR LUNCH omg what am I gonna eat at the mall!?

There’s a Mediteranean place so hummus and salad it is!  Phew that was really close.

Hubby wants pizza for dinner.  Omg that sounds AMAZING!!!  I guess I’ll just make a salad as a tear silently rolls down my cheek.  I am committed to this and I will not give in to the deliciousness in a box that I don’t have to cook.

He changed his mind instead to baking some salmon and roasting some veggies.  YES!!!!  #Wifeywin

But I really want a glass of wine.  really really really want it.  I really want it.  I’m not going to drink it, bc I know at some point during this challenge I will, and the occasion of sitting on my ass writing a blog isn’t the occasion I want to blow my cheat on.  But I really want it.

I’ve been drinking ice water out of my wine glass to make myself feel better.  So sad, I know.

Day 7:

Yall…..I did it.  I didn’t give in yesterday.  I’m so proud of myself.  3 Cheers!!! 

I’ve moved onto Citrus Spark today.  I still have a couple watermelon packets left, but wanted to mix it up. 

It tastes like Tang. 

IMG_0051[1]Oh yea, this morning scale says 190.8

Oh yea, this is TMI maybe, but I want to tell yall that I haven’t had any “extreme” bathroom habits on this so far.  I was slightly worried that with the cleanse I’d be visiting the toilet every 5 minutes.  I have had to pee a little more, but that’s probably bc I’ve been chugging water like a dying whale.  I would assume that I’m not the only one who would have that fear, so I wanted to calm your nerves.

IMG_0004Hubby cooked again, 90/10 lean beef burgers stuffed with peppers and onions.  cheese and kethchup free for me, only some stone ground mustard.  On a whole wheat bun, with a side of roasted potatoes.  I’m so glad (and lucky) that he’s supporting the new healthy habits we are now developing as a family. 


Day 8: Followed diet plan, but forgot my fiber drink in the morning.  Oops!

Day 9:  My first time trying to follow the challenge while I’m working.  I prepared most of the stuff the night before.  2 Spark drinks in water bottles, my lunch, my snack for after breakfast, and my snack for after lunch.  Everything stayed pretty much on schedule.  My morning snack was a little earlier than usual (a banana) but my lunch (a single serve pack of lemon tuna, salad mix, and ginger dressing) was on time.  Afternoon snack was on time, but Hubby cooked dinner, so that was quite late.  Delicious, but late.   I skipped my after dinner snack since dinner was so late.   Scale is back up to 192.8.

Oh!  And I had a green tea drink while working.  It’s macha powder mixed with almond vanilla milk.  I found the macha powder at Whole Foods. 


Day 10: My breakfast has been pumpernickel toast with a tiny amount of butter, and what I call lox.  Lox may not be the correct term, but it’s thinly sliced smoked salmon.  I have loved it since my first job at a coffee shop.  Delicious.   Scale is back down.  It’s actually at a new low.  I’m trying to really not measure my success by the scale, so I’ll post my number in a couple days, but I really feel amazing.  I have so much more energy.  I have no doubt that this challenge will be successful in creating new habits.  BTW, PSA: I plan on having a glass of wine on Friday at a friend’s get-together.  The guide DOES say LIMIT or avoid, haha.

Day 11:

Starting the MAX Phase

Today I start the MNS Max pills.  HOLY CRAP there’s thirteen pills combined that I have to take throughout the day.  Luckily they are seperated into “30 minutes before breakfast” “30 minutes before lunch” and “take with breakfast or lunch” The guide, however, says to take both “take with breakfast OR lunch” packs with lunch.  So that’s 6 pills with lunch for today and the next 13 days.  I can do this. 

I had my first meal replacement shake.  The flavor I have is chocolate mocha.  It is flipping delicious. 

I screwed it all up.  Sigh.  I ended up being on the road from noon to 8:30, and although I managed to eat right, I messed up the pills.  I had in my head that I had to take the two white packs with dinner for some reason.  So I did.  I’m sure I won’t die from it.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Day 12: Started out okay.  I was working, so my lunch hour ended up being around morning snack time.  I missed my morning snack.  But I got the pills right today, by setting my phone alarm.  I was starving by the time I got home, though, so I finished off my browned turkey and brown rice I’d thrown together for dinner last night.

This is where it gets interesting.

Around 6:30, I went to a friend who was having an Origami Owl party.  I had already pre-planned on cheating on my challenge by having some wine.  Lovely, amazing, red wine.


So I had three glasses, and then two more at home.

Why?  Because I’m stupid, and I make bad decisions.


Let’s think about what I did.  I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in approximately 2 weeks, and I just went through a cleanse and flushed all the evil wine toxins out of my body.

Below is my rendition of the wine toxins.

Now don’t get me wrong, pre-challenge, I could drink a good 2 bottles of wine and be perfectly fine.

Not………..Any. ………More………….

Cue sickness.

I normally wouldn’t broadcast to the world that I was sick from drinking alcohol…..because I am an adult and that’s embarrassing.  But also the fact that 5 glasses of wine got me to the point of sickness. (I think I am officially done with being young and dumb)  BUT I am being completely honest in this little challenge diary of mine so there ya go.  BLEH

Day 13: Oh my god.  Did I mention I was so stupid for attempting to drink like a normal person last night?  Where is my spark?  I need spark in my body immediately.  And a meal replacement shake, and a large bowl of vegetables.  I am so sorry body, I promise I’m going to nourish you.

Spark, color pack, water water water.

Days 12-16 Were pretty much spot on with the diet plan.  A couple times I forgot the color packs at lunch and took them with dinner.  Ooops!  And a couple times I skipped the snack after dinner because I was so tired I fell asleep.  I have gotten pretty creative with food.  Cauliflower rice?  Yea, I totally made it.

Day 17: Down some more weight.  It’s weird because I weigh less in the late afternoon than I do in the morning.  I made a delicious pizza using Flatout wheat wraps.

IMG_0083[1]I added toppings.  INCLUDING CHEESE!

IMG_0087[1]The pizza was delicious!

Day 18: I woke up with the worst stomach ache ever.  Okay, not the worst EVER, but pretty bad.  Now, there are a couple reasons I realistically could’ve been having these stomach attacks.  Anxiety generally chooses to manifest itself in that way with me.  Or it could be the cheese.  Could it be the cheese?  I used to get stomach aches from dairy when I was little, but I’d developed a tolerance.  All I know is that it might be a while before I venture onto the dairy train.  Eesh.

Day 19: I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to continue on these products.  I also added catalyst, argenine extreme, and Amplify AT.  I highly recommend ladies researching the effects of Argenine that might extend beyond the benefits listed on the website.  Oh! and I started the following two challenges:

IMG_0112 IMG_0113Day 20:  I had a glass of wine!  Oh well!  Everything else was spot-on-schedule ans healthy

Day 21:  Mother’s Day!!!  Went to Outback for lunch and ate a little too much, haha!  Ahi Tuna, NY Strip, Chopped Salad, and green beans.  Oh…and a Mojito.  I was good at dinner, though and ate a chicken salad with balsamic dressing.  But then…..I had a glass of wine and my cheesecake leftover from Outback.  I still feel good about myself, though.  I thought about it, and after 21 days of no sweets, a piece of cheesecake on Mother’s Day was just fine.  If I was early in my challenge, I don’t think I would’ve indulged.  But now I am pretty spot-on with my routine and eating healthy almost all the time, so 1 piece isn’t going to throw me off track.

Day 22: I decided that the challenges I’d committed myself to aren’t going to work out.  I have however, continued doing crunches and squats.  My house is full, and I don’t like to work out in front of people.  Hopefully I get over that, but for now, I sneak in my squats and crunches (and planks) when I’m alone in my room.  Today I subbed as a PE teacher, and actually did my squats in the faculty bathroom after lunch.  Hey….gotta squeeze it in!  No pun intended.

Day 23:  Morning started out right.  Lunch was healthy.  Forgot my afternoon MNS.  SH!#…… Oh well.  Ended up not getting home til about 9pm thanks to kid’s events and I decided to order Chinese.  Screw it.  I’ll get back on track tomorrow.  Nobody is perfect.  And that’s okay.

My last day of the challenge.  Total weight loss is 10 lbs.  I feel amazing.

                                                              Before and After the challenge:

IMG_0169[1]IMG_0170[1]I’m not at my goal, but I have never started off a health plan so successfully.  I also did this with almost zero exercise beyond just normal daily activity.  I did a total of 100 crunches and 100 squats with a 30 second plank I did yesterday.


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