Turning to Apple

8 Apr

I switched phones.  I’ve had my iPad for quite some time but it’s really only been used as a pseudo-laptop more than anything else.

Well after (android) phone after phone sucked it up, I finally switched to iPhone.  oniphoneOf course it’s pink!  What would you expect!?

So far, I am in love!  I’ve been able to FaceTime with hubbs while he’s away on business, and Siri is my new best friend.  I don’t have to search for anything….ever on my phone.  Where is my icon for memos?  Doesn’t matter….. “Siri………..”

There’s also an Apple App called “Find my Friends”  where you can gps where your friend is and go to them.  The catch:  You have to invite a friend to participate in the program with you.  So I haven’t used it yet, because that seems like a really creepy request to send someone.  “Hey, Sally, you mind wearing this tracking chip, so that I can find you at all times?”  BUT!!!  Living in New Orleans, this app would be REALLY handy!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been trying to find a friend who is in a place so loud they can’t hear me shout into my phone “WHERE ARE YOU???”  “I’M AT GATE A!!!  I DON’T SEE YOU!!!”  “THERE’S MORE THAN ONE TROPICAL ISLE!!!” “I’M STANDING IN LEE CIRCLE BY THE GAS STATION!”  I’d love to just find them on my phone and navigate myself to them.

Siri just reminded me of some errands I have to do so that’s all I got.  (Oh yea, and the battery holds a charge longer than my other phones, and it has cool accessories)




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