Raise Your Arms

7 Feb

Hey!  Long time to type.

So I have been sent a new deodorant from Dove, via an Influenster VoxBox.


What The Heck is an Influenster Vox Box?  Click the link on my homepage and find out for yourself.

This is my first VoxBox, and I kinda love it.


Today was my first day using my new Dove Advanced Care Deodorant.

It’s unnaturally cold here around New Orleans, so I wasn’t exactly sweating much, but it’s currently 6:30 pm and my pits still smell great, haha.

So here’s to the start of my #RaiseYourArmsExperience.  Enjoy my Pits 😛

Day 1:

CAM00519So after my trial, which lasted through Mardi Gras, I did notice a difference in my pits!!  I definitely recommend it.  I have had a hard time finding good deodorant after my second baby, but this one rocks.

When I used it, I never had to reapply, even though at times I was sweating through a parade.


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