Only to Me

4 Nov

So on my anniversary, before our dinner, we went to a popular haunted house here called “The Mortuary”

I had been before and remembered that they have a little refreshment stand while you’re waiting in line.  What I could NOT remember, is if they served alcohol at said stand.  So to be on the safe side, I put my ID in my pocket.

I DID have my ID when we went to dinner, but drama ensued while we dined and I was distracted.  Sometime at dinner, my ID maneuvered it’s way out of my life.  Ugh.

Everyone knows that the DMV is second only to Hell, but I trucked in anyways the following Monday, all prettied up, to get a replacement.

Before I go on, let me take you back.

My husband and I were married in 2004, when we were 19.  I was very excited to get my name changed on my license, but had no clue that I needed to change it on my SScard as well.

Back to present day we go.  The DMV will not issue me a license because my ss# is still registered to my maiden name.  They adamantly refused to do anything (including just issuing me an ID in my maiden name bc my ss# has been reported already under my married name) but direct me to SS office, another chapter of Hell.

I wait just over an hour (after explaining my situation and showing my documents to an employee) that I could not get a name change because my marriage certificate is not a certified copy.  (I already told them that) AND I have no Identification.
I am sent away with nothing.

Florida Clerk of courts for the county where we were married refers me to Jacksonville office of vital statistics who refers me to VitaCheck, who charges me $40 to tell me Florida cannot find a record of my marriage.

The elderly woman and apparent only employee of the Florida office of vital statistics is SUPER confused by this.  She tells me that VitaCheck doesn’t know what they’re talking about and to submit a request to them in writing, including additional $ for a certified copy.  Guess what cannot be found?

I Call back the Clerk of Courts who then informs me that the clerk who married us 9 years ago should have recorded our marriage before she ever gave us copies, but that she obviously didn’t.  (The file# on my photocopy is blank) And they suggested I contact a lawyer.  My LA lawyer suggested me get remarried or our vows renewed.  I contacted Justice of the Peace to inquire about such things and they said they can remarry us with a document from my lawyer basically stating that I am who I say I am, and with a new marriage license from Louisiana.  Turns out that to get a marriage license… need an ID.

So I am going to move out of the country and come in as a non-citizen, and make my life a whole lot easier.


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