2yr Birthday Party

17 Oct

2012-03-15 08.12.49Fresh Beat Band! 

Just to let everyone know, there is NOTHING available in stores for the fresh beat band.  Nowhere.  I had to make everything by hand.  Stickers, printouts, markers, and foam foam foam!!!

2012-03-17 13.51.08Fresh Beat Band cake pops!

Cake pop maker + white chocolate + neon nonpareils + floral green foam + cut pieces of glitter foam = success!

The first batch of cake pops I’d made were cooling off in a bowl.  Little man and his friend decided to try and snag one, accidentally knocking the (glass) bowl over onto the floor, shattering it, and rendering the cakepops trash!  These took a LONG time!  (and two tries) 

2012-03-18 08.51.28Decor!  Shapes, music notes, guitars, signs, all hand drawn and made from foam.  Foam saved my life for this party. 

2012-03-18 09.50.04But it was all worth it, because he LOVED it!


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